How can I get a customized smart number plate?

How can I get a customized smart number plate?

All motorised vehicles in India need a unique car registration number. It is also known as Licence Number. This number is displayed on the Vehicle number plate both in the front and the rear side of the vehicle. This registration number is issued by the Road Transport Office (RTO) of each state of India. As per the law, all Vehicle Number Plates has to follow certain guidelines. The font should be in ‘English Letters’ and ‘Modern Arabic Numerals’.

The size of the font varies depending on the type and size of the vehicle. There are specific colour codes for the vehicle number plates as well, like:

  • Private cars and two-wheelers have white number plates with black font
  • Commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses and taxis have number plates with yellow background and black font
  • Self-driven commercial vehicles and rental vehicles have yellow coloured fonts on a black background
  • Vehicles belong to foreign consulates has a light blue number plate with white fonts
  • The President of India and the Governor of all the states use official cars that have no Licence number. On a red plate, the emblem of India is embossed in gold
  • Military vehicles

The present format for Vehicle Number Plate India is:

  • First two letters indicate the State or the Union Territory of vehicle registration
  • The next two digits/ numbers indicate the sequential number of the district/RTO office jurisdiction where registration happened
  • The next set of 4 digits is unique for each vehicle. These 4 digits are sometimes prefixed with one letter and then two letters when the 4 digit number runs out
  • The fourth part is an international oval “IND” containing a hologram above it with a Chakra.

The Vehicle Number Plate on the front contains all letters and digits in one line, whereas, the rear plate contains the first two items on top and the remaining alphanumeric characters in the line below. Additionally, there are some special format for certain states.

How to get a Vehicle Number customized to your choice?

For many people getting a customized registration number for their vehicle are as exciting and passionate as buying the vehicle. Registering the vehicle is synonymous to buying a unique number for the vehicle from Government with registration fees paid. In case you want a specific number, RTO will check and if the number is already assigned to someone, then you have to choose an alternative. If no one has requested the number and it is available, then RTO will assign this to you with nominal fees. If the same number is requested by someone else, then the Government will do the auction of the number and the highest bidder will get that number. In such cases, the price goes premium. In certain cases, before going to RTO, approaching dealers and certain brokers come handy for selecting and procuring special and customized numbers.

High Security Registration Plates

Government has amended the motor Vehicle Rules 50 and 51 of 1989 and mandated the introduction of new number plates known as High Security Registration Plates (HSRP). Many states implemented that while some are yet to do. It has to have the following features:

  • A ‘Chakra’ hologram that is chromium based and hot stamped
  • ‘IND’ is printed under the hologram in light shade of blue
  • Made with 1 mm Aluminium sheet and laminated with white or yellow reflective sheets
  • A laser etched numbering that contains codes for identification of both the testing agency as well as manufacturer
  • Non-removable Snap Locks to keep the plate in place. If broken and tried to remove deliberately, it could not be re-used
  • Hot stamped Black film with ‘INDIA’ Inscription
  • A self-destructible sticker containing chromium hologram that is pasted on the windshield and contains information about the vehicle

How HSRP Benefits to Keep the Vehicle Secured?

  • The laser etched number is unique for each Vehicle Number Plate and contains pertinent information about the vehicle. Hence, helps to identify the authenticity of the vehicle
  • Snap Locks are highly difficult to remove once attached and these are not re-usable. This makes replacing this number plate by ordinary ones in case the criminals steal the vehicle

The white/Yellow lamination of reflective sheets make it more visible at dark and avoids accidents

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