Great Jobs and Careers for Extroverts

Great Jobs and Careers for Extroverts

Today’s high school students have more options than ever when it comes to choosing a career. In fact, the choice is sometimes overwhelming for a young person faced with the decision of choosing a college major or going directly into the work force. Young people today grew up with technology and most of them are really proficient in it. Some even choose careers in technology that allow them to sit quietly at a desk all day. These jobs are great for introverts but may not be satisfying for someone who likes to interact with people all day.

There are several careers that are perfect for an extrovert and some of them pay very well. For example, nursing requires direct contact with patients and other health care professional. To be a nurse, a person must graduate from a demanding college program. The courses and work in the field prepare aspiring professionals to deal with the day to day tasks of working with patients, doctors and other medical staff.

Customer service jobs can also be very rewarding. When a young person fills out an application for Dollar General, they have the opportunity to learn and grow in the retail environment. Many retail employees go on to be managers and make a very nice income at a job where they are able to meet new people every day and help them find the products they need to have a happy home and life.

Another option is teaching. Teachers work with students and their parents to help kids be successful in school. Most people remember a favorite teacher who took an interest in them early and was paramount to their future success. The opportunity to be a teacher like that inspires many young people to go into the profession. Being able to help one or a group of kids is very rewarding and doesn’t require sitting quietly in a cubicle all day.

High school guidance counselors have tools to help students find the perfect career options. In some schools, students have to take the initiative to get access to this career advice. Those who do can save years of stress on their job by choosing the right career initially.

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