A 10-Point Plan for Health (Without Being Overwhelmed)

A 10-Point Plan for Health (Without Being Overwhelmed)

Whip your Health into Shape

This may seem like the worst news you’ll ever receive but it’s not, not even close. So you picture kales , cucumbers , broccoli and cauliflowers dragging themselves towards you like dead matter. Your efforts to escape might just be curtailed by the realization that you are running on a treadmill. When it stops, you are over the moon with joy except its short lived when you discover that you are in a boxing room. If the jumping rope hadn’t embraced you so hard you’d probably be out of that cold place. It’s bad , really bad because the vegetables have just gotten way to close to you and are trying to invade your body. I am happy to let you know that this is just a figment of your imagination. Let’s just say it’s going to be just fine.

It’s rare actually to find junk saints . I mean if the choice was between chocolate chip and a mango , chocolate chip would be what you go for . The thought that you made your dentist or doctor rich could be depressing. Time is essential when looking to rid your body of sugar. You could have a bag of chips then repent by taking a fruit juice instead of a soft drink for starters Veggies have a way of growing up on people if you’d just give them a chance. Try great presentation of the veggies. The brain is boss, make it happy and you might be surprised at how much you love your greens.

Tear up the fat walls and built better muscle defenses. If you are serious about those clothes you want to fit in get sweating. If you and the gym don’t really get along don’t worry you can always find a sport that you like. It could be the next big thing you want to do. Think you can dance ? go for it. The end justifies the means. Oh, what’s that, magic pills? Wow, they shed your weight in just a day? No, absolutely not.

It’s time to go the meditation way. Everybody is looking for Zen so don’t be left behind. That doesn’t spark interest , the benefits however are worth giving an leg and an arm for, well not literally. The good with the bad, remember? Therapy is the best invention after apple so get it if you can. Everyone is trying to save money for vacation so if you don’t want to make your therapist rich either your friends and family will do just fine.

I’m sorry but there is just no way you are quitting your medication. Getting better with a bit of fun is definitely better than getting worse and having no fun at all. The rewards will be worth it and you may just get to live as long as your uncle Fred. If you really want to stop you can go to your doctor for further consultation. This is a recipe for a happy healthier you.

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